Setting Up Your Kid for Soccer Success

Setting Up Your Kid for Soccer Success

So your kid wants to get into soccer but you’re not so sure you want to spend the money to get them started with a hobby they just might not keep?

If you’re the type of mom who spends hours on  just to save a few cents a therm we’ve got the lowdown on what you NEED to buy for the rising soccer star and what you can skip.

NEED: Soccer Ball – you can get one for less than twenty dollars at any neighborhood sporting goods store
SKIP: Multiple Balls – your kid gets one. That will encourage them not to lose it.
NEED: Shin Guards – soccer players notoriously get kicked in the shins during games and it’s great protection

SKIP: Other Padding – It’s not football. Your kid doesn’t need a cup, shoulder pads or a helmet if they’re under 14 years old.
NEED: Net – you can buy netting at your local hardware or fishing store to use in place of a backyard goal
SKIP: Actual Goal – String up the net between two trees and make it work. Goals are clunky, anyway.


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