What is NCS?

NCS offers you the chance to get ahead; you’ll meet new people, experience new challenges and make your mark on the local community.

This programme delivered by The Football League Trust will cost you no more than £50, with financial support available if needed.

Get Together

First, you’ll spend time away from home enjoying instructor-led outdoor activities. You’ll bond with teammates in an action-packed adventure at an outdoor activity centre tackling activities like rock climbing, hiking, canoeing and archery.

Get Involved

Closer to home, your group will spend time learning about your local area from businesses and community organisations whilst developing skills and meeting new people.

Make Your Mark

Having learnt all about your local community, you’ll work in your group to plan and pitch for funding for your very own community action project that can make a real difference to where you live. You will then make your mark in your local area, delivering your community action project with your team.

And Celebrate

Finally, when you’ve completed your community action project, it’s time to celebrate at a graduation party where you’ll receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister and get access to unique opportunities to keep volunteering and stay connected to your local area and NCS.

The Football League Trust offer NCS programmes available throughout the year.

Programmes vary depending on who you take part with, and at what point in the year, so be sure to check with your provider exactly what you’ll get up to on NCS.